Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cheap Tax Returns

Today we were checking though client files and we found that one of our clients had 2overdue tax returns (we check this sort of thing all the time) and we called the client and he is 100% sure the returns were lodged by HR Block. Now obviously the client could very easily be wrong (we are talking about 3 years ago).

Unfortunately this is the second time in as many months we have come across this sort of error. The last one was ITP and on calling the ITP office who supposedly lodged the missing returns we were told the office in question had been sold and re-located so there was no way they would have kept any files from past clients!

These organisations are large and often do their work for pretty low prices but unfortunately these things do happen, i would recommend you always get your tax returns done by a reputable Accountant rather than shopping around for the cheapest price. As an added bonus you will probably get a better refund and the Accountant will lodge your return!

While many fully qualified Accountants spend a lot of their time dealing with more complex business and strategic issues as an Accountant they are required to do 30-40hrs of CPD per year and also have regular quality control audits so you can be sure they have the skills and knowledge to prepare your tax return.

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